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 Quit Whining and Just Play! 
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Post Re: Quit Whining and Just Play!
I easily slip into playing the cliche triads on the stick. I'm really trying to avoid them, but it's hard.
And then, I come across a beautifull song played on guitar. The lady mostly plays triads. Then, I think, easy song to play....and behold, I found the perfect song to proof a stick ain't a guitar/bass. Trying to copy the song exactly, i haveto use both to play what she's playing. And not only that. She is pickingthe triads with a 'motor', on stick, timing keeps changing with each chord. All in all, a song that forced me in something new while expecting cliches hahaha. It became a nice fingering coordination excercise !


Sat Mar 01, 2014 10:48 am
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Post Re: Quit Whining and Just Play!
I have been enjoying this last page of the thread and can very much relate to what h3dg3h0g is going through. I played a long time with Miles Tackett in the Inclined who was adamant about having bass, not Stick, hitting the lower registers. Given, it was a trio, but I felt like I was in the wrong band.

I wasn't. Now, this is a personal story, so it may not relate to what you are saying. I liked that band and I respected his opinion but what became apparent, in looking back, was that I did not yet have the ability to provide what the band needed. Now, many years later, I am confident in playing the Stick in any variety of roles, whether it is with a tenor sax, santur, ukelele, a percussionist, drummer, pianist or even a guitarist.

Yeah, I said it, even a guitarist.

There may be some that feel that their role is diminished by the presence of the Stick. They may feel that they are no longer as important seeing as how their parts are now shared with another instrument (see previous statement regarding guitarist which can also be applied to keyboardists). This sad and all too familiar scene is played out with bassists approaching their guitarists allowing them a window into their "Stick Journey" and being refused.

The calculating Stickist in role of bassist will anticipate this knee-jerk reaction. Those in the role of the bassist will need to find ways to adapt and lead with the statement, it's not a bass, it's a Stick and then back it up with solid parts.

Having a part rehearsed in anticipation is key, as you are still learning the instrument - they are not. Know your part, play your part and don't overplay. They already know their part and are less concerned with whatever exercise you may be working on - focus on the song, not the novelty of the instrument. They are allowed on your journey - not the other way around.

Have your gear in order and ready to play. Be the first to rehearsal and the first person setup. Having a solid sound setup is also key - don't make them wait on you. Have a plan B if power, pedals or cables fail you. Be self contained - Dbro, Per and Olivier have made comments about extra stereo cables, extra powerstrips, etc. - all good suggestions that were probably learned the hard way - I know I have had a few.

Hmm, this turned out to be a bit of a rant. I guest the takeaway here is not everyone is going to be as enthusiastic about your journey. But when you turn on your instrument, all novelty aside, and let them hear you shine, they'll come to understand the possibilities with the Chapman Stick.

That moment, albeit rare, is one to bask in. That shiny penny of a moment never loses it's luster.

Gene Perry

Sat Mar 01, 2014 12:30 pm
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